All Natural, Organic Slip ‘n Slide, DR Style!

Happy Birthday, ‘Merica!  So we didn’t celebrate with any traditional American activities (fireworks, BBQ/picnic, Boston Pops Orchestra), but I did wear a patriotic shirt, we ate semi-American pizza from Costco’s international cousin, PriceSmart :), and we collected some USD from 92 people from Boston, MA (Cercadillo Market Night at TIME).

This has been a pretty full week, and we’re ramping up for two really full weeks coming up.    Rebekah’s friend Brittany from St. Louis spent the week with us and was a ton of fun!  While she was here, we made sure she had the total Cercadillo/DR experience including a wind storm during church in the village, Yogen Fruz smoothies (twice), a slip ‘n slide trip into the village (courtesy of a strong overnight rain), Bible study and sewing day with the women (including some basketball with kids), and two mornings of camp with girls ages 7-12!  Brittany, you were totally worth it!

Camp with the girls was the highlight of our week (en mi opinion).  The women from Cercadillo and Vietnam (a village close to Cercadillo) again helped lead the camp and we had a few teenage girls lead the song time.  The themes for the two days mirrored our previous camp for the teenage girls (“I am God’s treasure” and “God is my greatest treasure”).  The women shared their testimonies with the girls and did a great job of talking about their own childhoods, making their stories relatable for the girls.  It has been such a blessing to watch these women grow in the Lord and now share their stories.  This is the first generation in Cercadillo (and Vietnam) to pass along stories of salvation and the Lord at work with the next generation.  How cool to witness!!!  I wish you could all see it!

Please pray for Ina, Rebekah, and I as we welcome 6 teachers from the St. Louis area tomorrow.  They will be conducting a 3-day teacher training workshop for 10 teachers from a local public school where many children from Cercadillo attend.  The following week we welcome a team from the same church for a week of baseball for the boys of Cercadillo.  These weeks will be a bit on the crazy side, so please pray for a spirit of unity as a team, for the Spirit to be at work as we seek to meet needs (teachers) and provide structured activities for developing skills and teamwork (baseball), and for the Word to go forth!

Enjoy these photos from this week:

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