We love you, Gateway!!!

Wow!  What an incredible week of camp!  A group of 15 from Gateway Church (South Riding, VA) led out in a week of VBS centered around the theme “Man sins, but God has a plan.”  On Day 1, Ina picked up where we left off from our Creation camp last summer and taught about Adam and Eve and sin entering the story.  The rest of the Bible stories throughout the week were about different points in the story of Moses that illustrated God’s plan being greater than man’s (childhood and calling of Moses, plagues and Exodus, golden calf, etc).  We learned some great new songs with motions that will be part of the regular repertoire at church and camps for years to come.  Four teenagers from Cercadillo helped lead the worship for the kids, and a couple of gals from Gateway (both named Erin) led some devotional discussions with the teenagers about the purpose of worship and the importance of leading worship in a way that allows others to focus on glorifying God without distractions…a lesson for all of us!

During each camp session the children rotated through 4 stations: craft, Bible story, games, and science.  The Gateway team did an amazing job of coming up with science activities that related to the gospel, and each of the games related to a Biblical truth that they discussed with the kids at the end of the rotation.  The week was full of laughter, Biblical teaching, and growth for all involved!  Way to go, Gateway and women of Cercadillo!  We love you all! (more than I love exclamation points!!!)

Some of the sweetest times during the week happened over lunch breaks when some of the women from Cercadillo and Gateway shared their testimonies with one another.  It’s always incredible when you see God working across cultural and language barriers to bring His Church to a place of genuine unity (see John 17:20-26 for one of my favorite Bible passages :).  After a day of sharing, sightseeing, and relaxation, the team took off for home today…and will be missed!

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1 Response to We love you, Gateway!!!

  1. Nichole Twedt says:

    We love you too Jess!!! Praising God for how He is at work this summer!

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