Day 1 – Starting off with a bang…not literally!

First, thank you to all who prayed for my travel day yesterday.  All three of my flights arrived at their destinations early (go American Airlines!), my taxi ride from the airport was safe and pleasantly air conditioned (gracias, Mario), and I was able to share about what God has been doing in Cercadillo with at least 4 different people, one from a delegation from the Bahamas who spoke with a beautiful accent 🙂  It was all I had prayed for and more!

Today was an awesome first day in the DR!  Reunited with friends Ina and Rebekah, we spent the day with 6 women from Cercadillo at the Time House working through some training material so they will be ready to co-lead a 2-day camp for the muchachas (girls from 13-17) with us on Thursday and Friday of this week.  While we talked through important things such as how to handle discipline and the content of the camp material (we had fun watching them role-play conflict and conflict resolution situations), two of the sweetest times were watching the women practice sharing the Gospel and hearing all 6 of the women share their testimonies of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!  What a beautiful testament to our great God, His incredible mercy, and His magnificent power to change lives for His glory!  Please pray for each of these ladies (Carmencita, Elida, Rikki, Cli, Marcelena, and Aurelia) as they spend time preparing to share the Gospel and their testimonies with the girls at camp later this week.  Each of them has a powerful story that can connect with the girls, and this will be their first time sharing with a larger group.

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Can I just throw it out there that it’s hot here?  And humid?  And we were without running water for a brief time today?  In case you need ideas for an extended prayer time, please refer back to the sentences you just read 🙂

That’s all for tonight!


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