Team 2013

The Lord has brought together a new team (some first-timers, some veterans) to head to the Dominican Republic this summer from Valley Church!  The team will be leaving DSM on Saturday, June 8th and returning Saturday, June 15th.  During our week in the DR, we hope (Lord willing and the creek don’t rise…literally) to lead a week-long summer camp for about 100 children in the village of Cercadillo.  The components of our camp include basic conversational English, Bible stories focusing on Bible Superheroes, and some beginning trade-skills (woodworking for boys, rug crocheting for girls), as well as sports and crafts.

Let me introduce our team (From L to R in the Normal. picture): Kim (front), Norbert (back), Kyle, Keaton, Marisa, Craig, Melynda, Jamie, Jess, Melody, Annie, and Brandi.

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We have been busy planning and prepping in anticipation of a great week with the kids and the women of Cercadillo who step up and lead the groups of children.  A huge thank you to those of you who have joined our prayer team, supported us with your financial gifts, and donated (and/or cut) some of the over 200 t-shirts needed for the rug project!  We can’t express our gratitude enough and consider you part of our team, giving us the honor and privilege of representing you, Valley Church, and our Lord in Cercadillo!

We would appreciate prayers for the following during our last week of preparations:

1)  First and foremost, that we would be spending time at the feet of Jesus in all the busyness of this week!  Please pray that we don’t neglect this most important time in the name of “I have so much to do!”

2)  Please pray for the adults and children of Cercadillo, that the Lord would be preparing their hearts and minds to be open to what He has for them during the camp.  English and trade-skills are wonderful, but most importantly we desire for Jesus’ name to be proclaimed and received!

3)  Please pray for health (physical, spiritual, and emotional) and safety for our team as well as for Ina (partnering missionary) and her two interns, Ryan and Dave.

4)  Please pray for us to be open to and prepared for whatever the Lord’s Plan A is, even if it is significantly different from what we have in mind at this time.  Pray that we will be obedient to Him first as He works in the details.  Please also pray for team unity in the Lord and that we rely on His strength and power.

Thank you for checking out our blog and be sure to check back during the next few weeks to see updates of what’s happening, read new prayer requests, and check out how the Lord answers your prayers!

Blessed to be a blessing,

Jess & Team 2013

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